What is UAE Attestation?

What is UAE Attestation?

When UK documents are being presented in the UAE the documents will usually require attestation. This process is also referred to as legalisation or document authentication. Depending on the document type, this is a two or three step process. Certain documents (e.g. a degree certificate) will firstly require certification from a UK solicitor or notary public. This is not required for documents that have already been prepared and signed by a legal official (e.g. a birth certificate that is signed by a registrar).

The next step involves the document being presented to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). This is often referred to as The Office of Foreign Affairs in other countries. The FCO will attach an Apostille certificate to verify the signature of the legal official who has signed the document in question.

The final step is for the document to be presented to the UAE embassy. The embassy will issue their attestation stamps to the document. Once this has been done the document will be legally recognised by authorities in the UAE.

How does it work?

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UAE Attestation for Personal Documents

Personal documents may require legalisation for various reasons. If you are moving to the UAE for employment, returning to the UAE after studying in the UK or managing legal affairs in the UAE then you will likely need to attest your documents.

This will usually be required for Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates, degree certificates, academic qualifications and power of attorney documents to name a few examples.

UAE Attestation for Business Documents

UK companies conduction business in the UAE are normally asked to legalise their documents at the embassy in London. Whether you are opening a bank account, entering into agreements, setting up a new branch or selling goods or services, you may be asked to attest your documents.

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