Guidance on Original or Copy Document Use

At the Embassy Legalisation service we process thousands of documents of year. They range from Powers of Attorney to Birth Certificates and everything in between. A lot of the orders will arrive without any prior contact with the customer. Our order form provides all of the information you will need to apply for an Apostille on a [...]

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

During Christmas and New Year the Embassy Legalisation Service will be operating a revised schedule. On public holidays we will be closed. For a detailed breakdown of working days please see the list below. Friday 20th December 2019 - 9:00am - 5:30pm Saturday 21st December 2019 - Closed Sunday 22nd December 2019 - Closed Monday [...]

TEFL attestation for Vietnam

There is an abundance of employment opportunities to teach English as a Foreign Language in Vietnam. As a result, Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for teachers seeking employment overseas. The large market for ESL teachers offers thousands of employment opportunities to Foreign English teachers each year. Furthermore, there are also many positions available [...]

Attesting Degree Certificates for the UAE

Academic certificates need to be attested by the UAE embassy when you are looking to work in the UAE. For many organisations it is now a requirement that your qualifications are correctly attested before employment is confirmed and a working visa is issued. Our specialist UAE attestation service will ensure that your documents are correctly [...]

UAE Document Attestation

The legalisation of documents for use in the UAE is often referred to as attesting documents. You will also hear the service referred to as UAE certification or UAE legalisation. Regardless of the phrase used it is important that documents are correctly processed with the UAE embassy in London. Our fully inclusive UAE document attestation [...]

Legalising documents during Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan it is likely that we will see delays in the legalisation and attestation of documents. The holy month of Ramadan is a period of fasting. During the holy month many Embassies work shorter hours as Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. The end of Ramadan is marked by a [...]

Attesting Qualifications for Qatar

If you are planning to go to Qatar for working purposes then there are different documents which you may require to be attested. These documents can vary based on what job you are taking up in Qatar and also the requirements of the people asking to see your documents. It is important that you get [...]

Document requirements when travelling abroad

When travelling overseas, whether this is for business or personal reasons it is important that you take all the correct travelling information/documents with you. These documents are often required at the airport to enable you to travel and return to the UK and also some will assist you whilst overseas or if you experience difficulties. [...]

Bahrain Document Legalisation Service

Personal and business documents required for use in Bahrain need to be legalised with the apostille certificate. Bahrain is now a member of the Hague Convention. This means that documents being presented in Bahrain should only require an apostille. It is no longer necessary to have documents further legalised with the embassy. For all documents [...]

Oman Document Legalisation Service

Documents required for use in Oman should no longer require embassy legalisation. Oman became a member of the Hague Convention in 2012 and now recognise and issue the apostille certificate. Any document submitted or required in Oman will only need the apostille certificate to ensure it is accepted in an official capacity. We hear of some organisations [...]