Translation Service for Documents

We can translate your documents into more than 100 different languages quickly and professionally. All of our translations are certified for international use.

Translation ServiceDocuments that are written in English may need to be translated into the language of the country that they are to be used. Our professional translators can convert all documents into your preferred language. We aim to complete all translations within 24 hours to ensure swift completion whilst maintaining a high quality service.

Our certified translations can be ordered for as little as £40. For an accurate quote do not hesitate to email your document. We can begin translating your documents from your email copy within minutes.

Accurate translations may be requested by foreign organisations that request your documents be legalised. The legalisation certifies the document for official use in another country. The translation confirms the content of the document.

Why choose our translation service?

Efficiency. If we are legalising your documents we can also translate them. This saves you time and money. We can also translate the apostille and embassy legalisation.

Order Online. Simply scan and email your document. We can provide a fast quote and start the translation within minutes.

Quick Service. We aim to complete most translation within 24 hours. We do not charge extra for this quick service.

Fixed Prices. Once we have provided you with a quote you know exactly how much your document translation will cost.

Solicitor Services. If your document needs to be issued with the apostille we can solicitor certify the translation.

UK Based Company. We are located in the UK and work with professional translators that are selected for their expertise.

Delivery Options. We can post your document to any address in the world.

All documents translated. We can translate a wide range of documents from personal letters to technical business documents.  

Contact Embassy Legalisation ServiceTo get a quote on your document translation contact us now!

How do we prepare our translations? 

All of our translations are completed by native speakers with a background knowledge of the subject matter. This ensures the translation conveys the meaning of the source document as accurately as possible. 

We will maintain the formatting of the source document where possible and will translate the document in full with a few exceptions. Signatures and logos may be omitted from the translated document so as to prevent any infringement of copyrights. 
We then attach a cover sheet to the document to certify the translation is accurate to the best our knowledge. 

What is a certified translation? 

We often hear from clients that have been asked to obtain a ‘certified translation’. In most cases, this refers to a translation that has been prepared as outlined above. 
However, certain authorities overseas may use this term to refer to a translation that has been prepared by the respective embassy or by a translator registered with this embassy. If this is needed our translation service may not suffice. 
Before ordering our service, please seek advice from the authority requesting the translation to check if there are any specific translation requirements. If there are any specific translation requirements please advise us at the time of order so we can let you know if our service would be suitable.
Will the translation be attached to the original document? 
We do not attach the translation to the original document. One reason for this is to prevent any issues with legalising the original document. If the original document needs to be legalised with the apostille then any attached translations would need to be removed prior to the document being presented to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The second reason is to prevent any unnecessary damage to the original document.

We can translate most UK documents. The following list is just a sample of documents we are regularly asked to translate.

Personal Documents
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Civil Ceremony Certificate
Death Certificate
Grant of Probate
Affidavits witnessed by a solicitor
Power of Attorney witnessed by a solicitor
Lasting Power of Attorney registered with the Office of the Public Guardian
Criminal Record Checks (CRB)
Basic or Enhanced Disclosures (signed)
Disclosure Scotland (signed by an officer or Solicitor)
Access Northern Ireland
ACPO – ACRO – NIS Certificates
Police Letters
Last Will & Testament stamped by a court or signed by a solicitor
No Impediment Certificate
Letters of Authorisation
Subject Access Reports
Decree Absolute or Nisi
Letters of Attendance
Deed Poll of Name Change signed by a solicitor
Certificate of Good Standing
Companies House Documents signed by the Registrar
HMRC Certificate of Residency
HMRC Letters signed by an HMRC officer
Certificate of Free Sale
Rural Payments Agency Documents
Solicitor signed documents
Notary Public witnessed documents

Education & Personal Documents
Disclosure Scotland
Subject Access
Degree Certificate
Masters Certificate
A Levels, O Levels, GCSEs
School, College, or University Letters
Diploma or Award
NVQ, GNVQ, Employment Awards
Transcripts of study
TEFL, TESOL, TESL & Language Studies
Professional Qualifications
Other Academic Documents
Employment Letters
P60’s, Tax Return
Driving License
Bank Letters

Company Documents
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incumbency
Certificate of Name Change
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Companies House Documents
Resolutions and Minutes
Annual Returns
VAT Certificates
Accounts or Tax Returns
Contracts and Bills Of Sale
Licenses and Agreements
Certificate of Residency
Purchase or Sale documents
Other Company Documents 

Our expert translators are ready to translate your document. Contact us for a quick quote.