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We provide services to a wide variety of people across the world and based in the UK. From individuals relocating for work to accountants opening businesses in a different country. We understand that getting information about these services can feel daunting, especially when you don’t know where to start. In this news and updates section we will provide you with up to date articles that affect our service to you. This will range from Christmas opening times to changes in policy at the Embassies based in the UK. 
This section of the site will contain important news updates relating to embassy attestation. We will keep you informed about expected delays in processing documents and changes to procedures. Guides will be provided to assist you in obtaining the apostille quickly and how to ensure your documents will be accepted.  If you need any detailed advice on obtaining an apostille or getting your documents attested with any of the UK based embassies do not hesitate to contact the legalisation service
Read some of our latest updates – 
Documents for use in Oman do not need embassy attestation - The apostille is all that is required on documents legalised for Oman.
Qatar attestation service for obtaining a visa - Information on what documents you need to legalise when applying for a Qatar visa.  
Legalising international students documents - International students studying in the UK need to obtain the apostille and embassy attestation. 
To Copy or not to Copy - Some documents can be sent by scan but is that right for you? See our handy guide for more information.