Embassy Legalisation for Business Documents

With more businesses operating internationally there is an increased need for corporate documents to be legalised and attested by embassies.

Our specialist embassy attestation service for businesses makes legalising documents simple. We work with the majority of embassies, consulates and high commissions based in London to ensure your documents can be used outside of the UK.

Whether opening a bank account abroad, setting up a new branch of your company or breaking into new markets with your products and services we can assist you. Our knowledge of how to process documents for international use ensures our customers can focus on their business while we deal with the attestation of documents.

Documents we legalise

We legalise a wide range of documents and the following list highlights some of the most commonly processed-

Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Name Change
Certificate of Good Standing
LLP or Partnership Documents
Partnership Agreements
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Company Registers
Appointment reports
Companies House Documents and Forms
Resolutions and Minutes
Annual Returns
VAT Certificates
Certificate of Free Sale
Accounts or Tax Returns
Contracts and Bills Of Sale
Licences and Agreements
Certificate of Residency
Purchase or Sale documents
Distributor Agreements
Contracts of Employment
HM Revenue & Customs letters
Tax Returns
Power of Attorney

When suitable we will combine documents into sets to save you money. If you have documents that must be legalised individually we will offer a discounted service.

For more information on the embassies we legalise documents for please visit our list of embassies page.