Apostilles - Legalising all UK documents

teh apostille serviceApostilles are used to legalise documents for use overseas. The apostille certificate confirms the document has been signed, sealed or stamped correctly so that it will be accepted outside of the UK in an official capacity. The apostille is accepted by members of the Hague convention as verification that a document originates from the country that issued the apostille.

This service will ensure the apostille is issued on your document in only 2 to 3 working days. Our apostille service guarantees your important documents are successfully issued with the apostille and returned to you quickly. If a document needs certifying by a solicitor we can also assist with this to save you time and money. Please visit our apostille fees page to see how low our fees are.

Apostille Only
If the country you are providing the legalised document to is a member of the Hague Convention then it is likely that you will not need any further legalisation services.

Apostille & Embassy Legalisation
If your country is not a member of the Hague Convention then they may request your document is processed through the correct embassy or consulate.

To obtain international acknowledgement of your document it is likely that you will need to get the apostille certificate and embassy legalisation. Once the apostille has been issued you may also need to get your document legalised by the countries UK based embassy or consulate. For full information on embassy attestation of your documents please visit the menu on the left and select your country.